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The greeNDot strategy includes two primary components: The Overview Speech and Bystander Training. 

The Overview Speech

The Overview Speech introduces the basic elements of greeNDot to generate community buy-in and start the process of behavioral change. This speech is available to departments, units, organizations, clubs and residences. Email if you're interested in hosting an Overview Speech for your peers, departments or work units.

Bystander Training

Bystander Training is an interactive training designed to equip students with the necessary connection, knowledge and skill to increase their proactive and reactive bystander behaviors. Students will be introduced to bystander intervention during Welcome Weekend and the Moreau First Year Experience course. However, we also need our upper level students to attend the comprehensive bystander trainings. Students are encouraged to register for bystander trainingEmail if you know of a student of influence who could serve our community as a trained bystander.