HPC greeNDot Points

Greendot Hall Presidents Council Competition Winners Carroll Hall 2019 2020 1000 X 300 Px

Congratulations to Carroll Hall!

The final standings are in! Congratulations to Carroll Hall on winning the Hall Presidents Council greeNDot competition! Click here to view a congratulatory video!

Final Standings

  • Carroll Hall - 883 points
  • Lewis Hall - 506 points
  • Duncan Hall - 493 points

greeNDot Hall Presidents Council competition point system (2019-2020)



Students who complete the 4-hour Bystander Intervention Training THIS YEAR (August 1, 2019-March 31, 2020) 20 points per percentage of the hall trained this year. (Ex: If you train 10% of your hall, that earns 200 points)
Host a 4-hour Bystander Intervention Training in your hall 30 points
Two or three halls work together and collaborate to host a Bystander Intervention Training in a residence hall 40 points per hall (all two-three halls will earn the 40 points)
Collaborate with the greeNDot Active Event team to plan and implement an all-campus greeNDot event. Please note this will take time as you will need to connect with the committee AND students from your hall will be expected to work the full event. Email greendot@nd.edu to connect to the Action Events team. 100 points (if multiple halls collaborate then each hall will earn 100 points)
Plan and implement a greeNDot event (event must be submitted and approved by the greeNDot steering committee in advance) for your hall. Email both greendot@nd.edu and the HPC Co-Chairs for event approval. 50 points (limit to three event per semester, per residence hall)
Submit photos of students in your hall wearing their greeNDot shirts at a greeNDot training, a hall event, or attending another hall’s event that may be used for greeNDot communication (website, social media, newsletters). Photos must be emailed to greendot@nd.edu and you will receive email confirmation back on the number of points earned. ‘Mugshot’ style photos will not be accepted. Photos also must be either at a residence hall event (your own hall, or supporting another hall) or from a training.  10 points per unique picture submitted (your hall will not earn points for multiple photos of the same person/group of people at the same event)