Letter of Support

greeNDot shares letter of support from Health and Wellness

Dear students,

All of us in Student Health and Wellness are excited to be with you again for the Spring Semester. We acknowledge the uncertain times due to COVID-19, the transition of our government, and ongoing racial injustice. While every person’s response is unique to these events, our colleagues with the JED foundation remind us, “It is expected and reasonable during moments such as this to experience a range of reactions, including feeling unsettled or anxious.” 

Today we write to remind you we are available to support you during these challenging times, even while you are away from campus. You are encouraged to reach out to any of the following:

Other resources from the JED Foundation:

  • Seize The Awkward has tips and resources for maintaining mental health and fostering stronger connections with friends and family during challenging moments.
  • Our Love is Louder Action Center provides tools for staying calm, connected, and active, and supporting each other during this time of uncertainty.
  • JED's and MTV’s Press Pause includes animated PSAs and an online hub with simple mindfulness techniques — like breathing exercises, meditation, perspective checks, music, and movement — to deal with common stresses and challenges that can make young adults feel overwhelmed or hopeless.
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has Tips for Coping with Traumatic Events.

We hope this list of resources helps as we navigate the uncertainty of this moment. We look forward to being with you again, in person or virtually. Regardless of where you are, we are here for you.

- Student Health and Wellness

Letter shared on 1/20/2021