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As our bystander intervention strategy on campus, greeNDot teaches, through the lens of a bystander, the skills necessary to recognize individual decisions, moments, values and actions that contribute to a culture of harm and bystander inaction (red dots). 

It also provides strategies on how to act, both reactively and proactively, to these situations so our campus is safer (green dots). A reactive green dot can be directly addressing a situation, delegating to somone else for help, or distracting a situation from occurring. A proactive green dot is something a person does to send a message that we are a community that takes care of one another. It can be as simple as posting an awareness message on an Instagram page. 

Simply put, a  green dot is an individual choice at any given moment to make Notre Dame safer. 

Student Advisory Committee

Come join the Student Advisory Committee and help have a voice in the future impact greeNDot is having on campus. Stay tuned for the Fall 2024 dates and locations.

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