How it Works

General Overviews

  • Promotes safe & healthy community where everyone has role as sister’s or brother’s keeper
  • Includes examples from our topical modules: interpersonal violence, diversity, equity, & inclusion, and health & wellness (can also request 60 min. overviews of).

Bystander Trainings

  • Trainings introduce the concept of bystander intervention, the 3D’s strategy, as well as ways to promote a culture that is safe and healthy for all.
  • Participants are certified as national greeNDot bystanders upon completion.

Booster Sessions

For those who are already bystander trained.


Explores red dots that are harmful and are result of someone devaluing another person based on an aspect of their identity.


Extends the understanding of a red dot to noticing when someone is experiencing mental health challenges that could lead to harming themselves or others.